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Window Tinting & Car Wrapping

TINT-IT Car Wraps in Sandyford, Dublin specialises in the most modern and effective methods of window tinting for home, office and auto. Ever wonder why there’s such a growing interest in window tints? Discover why so many people are now choosing to have their car windows tinted.


Privacy and security go hand in hand. Window tints keep you and all other occupants of your vehicle safe from prying eyes. Your vehicle’s contents are also kept out of view. Window tints are highly valuable for safety and security.

Safer driving

Vehicle window tints help shield your eyes from the effects of the sun while also dramatically minimising the glare from other light sources, such as oncoming headlights. The advantage to you is safer driving while also increasing your comfort.

Cooler interior

Window tints can reduce the heat substantially in your car during those hot summer months by minimising the sunlight that enters. That cool interior translates to comfort and safety for you, your kids, elderly passengers and pets.

Upholstery safeguard

Vehicle interiors are being damaged with increased frequency from the effects of the sun. It doesn’t take long. Even on overcast days, harmful UV rays will fade and crack the interior’s upholstery. Window tints prevent that damage.


Window tinting benefits tint it window tinting


Glass safety

It isn’t commonly known that certain types of glass films can prevent glass from shattering in the event of an accident. Any measure you take to protect your vehicle’s occupants is well worth the investment.

Protect your skin

Special glass tints dramatically reduce the dangerous UV rays that are responsible for causing skin cancer. Even if you think your UV exposure might be minimal, over time those UV rays put you at risk.

Visual appeal

Window tints add a huge visual appeal to vehicles, houses, condos and offices. Tints and decorative window films for autos have come a long way in recent years, and are worth looking into.

Other Benefits...

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Posted on 23-Sep-2015 18:15:38 by Phil Browne in Tinted Windows, in Window Tinting

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