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What is Cannonball Ireland?


Cannonball Ireland is the largest organised road trip in Europe and the most exciting motoring and social event of the calendar year. The trip usually features around 170 cars including the world's top car brands such as McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Masseratti, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Over 150,000 people will line the streets as the cars trailblaze through local towns and counties in spectacular style of power and speed. Along the route, there will be festivals and gatherings in small towns. The event is a three-day road trip, which is an experience of a lifetime. Every detail is taken care of by the Events team so all you need to do is register, and have a nice flashy car to drive!

To date, Cannonball Ireland has raised over €700,000 for multiple Irish Children's Charities.

Where did it come from?

This unique three-day road trip around Ireland, taking a different route each year. Now in its seventh year, over a half a million excited fans have witnessed the crazy Cannonball convoy of cars pass through their town, city or bend in the road, and over 170 gleaming supercars, wacky fun cars and monster wheels have taken part. It's not only the vehicles that add colour: our Canonballers have a penchant for dressing up – we call it the motorised masquerade! But to really feel the buzz, you have to be there.

Remember The American Run? The crazy and chaotic road race across America that was the subject of the cult movie series? Remember the colourful characters, the hilarious encounters and the over-riding sense of fun that surrounded the whole madcap movie trilogy?


Well, that's the spirit of Alan Bannon's Irish events. The only differences are that Cannonball event criss-crosses Ireland; it's not a race but an organised road trip; and it's decidedly legal and above board! But it's a wild and wonderful adventure and there are many opportunities to get your pulse rate going.

It's not just for fun, however. Each year, a children's charity benefits from the net profits of the event.

Imagine a three-day party devoted to cool cars – driving cars, looking at cars, talking about cars – while touring through some of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes and most lively towns and cities. Imagine feeling like a mega star as you drive your special car in the convoy through towns and villages with thousands of spectators cheering, clapping, taking photos and asking for your autograph.

Imagine being wrapped up in that world-famous Irish welcome, on a trip that is so well organised you have to worry about nothing but enjoying yourself, and that comes easily. Stop imagining and click here to book your place on this year's run. Don't forget, TINT IT are happy to help when applying your decals to your car, check out our FREE quote Page.

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The best thing about the Irish Event?

Don't forget that the net profits from the event make a difference to sick children’s lives and that our chosen charity benefits from enormous profile-building publicity.


Posted on 01-Sep-2015 11:39:30 by Phil Browne

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