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Window Tinting & Car Wrapping

Decide on the Type of Vehicle Wrap:

Before purchasing a vehicle wrap for your car, truck, van or boat, you should first understand what kind of vinyl materials are available. There’s not just one type of vinyl used for every installation. There are several different kinds, and your particular vehicle wrap project will depend on a few factors.

At TINT IT, we use different manufacturers for our wraps. Depending on the variety of materials and the quality of each. As wrap installers, we have an ISO Certification here at our Sandyford office.

The choice ultimately comes down to what the customer needs. For example, if you have a large box truck with flat surfaces, we can use a high-performance calendared vinyl, because that’s going to last for a long time, and because there aren’t a lot of curves or rivets to work around. It’s easy to install, and our design boundaries are basically the framed edges of the sides of the panel.

Compare that to a Porsche or a Ferrari which has a lot of curves and body lines. For something like that, we would use a different wrap material called a cast material, because it has to wrap around and conforms to the different body lines.


Another new material we work with is used for vehicle accents. The vehicle accent market is a new emerging one, and one that people are getting excited about. We’ve talked in the past about using a car wrap to give a car a new look, rather than painting it. We would use the same material for a “repaint” that we would for accents.

For example, you can get accent vinyl material in a matte black or a matte blue and change the color and look of your vehicle without breaking the factory paint, while keeping all the factory warranties intact. This lets us work with the everyday customer who doesn’t want to spend their money on a complete vehicle wrap, but still wants to customize their car. Check out the matte black wrap we did on a BMW. We also do accents on the top/roof as well as on the trunk. You can wrap your car with a different color, and when you go to sell it, you can simply restore your vehicle back to its original color by peeling the vinyl off. This works for leased cars too.


We also have reflective vinyl material, although it’s used primarily in the emergency vehicle range — fire, emergency services, police, etc. It’s used for situations where the vehicle needs to be seen in the dark by oncoming traffic.

For more information on vehicle wrap materials for your car, van, boat, or truck, just contact us.

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Posted on 18-Aug-2015 12:30:00 by Phil Browne in Car Wrap

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